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Hello and welcome to the home of Safeguarding and Child Protection.

Sharon Jackson is the founder and owner of Shield. Shield is a Safeguarding and Child Protection training service, which also provides consultation, advice and guidance.

It is a privilege to be a registered Social Worker, having secured a BA (Hons/DipSW) in Applied Social Work. I am also an advanced trained Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA).

Additionally, I am a qualified Youth Justice Specialist and a qualified Youth Mental Health First Aider,  a Trainer, and Public Speaker.

A trauma informed and solution focused model of practice, is a core component of our work, as is equally, the importance of multi-agency working.

Having over two decades of knowledge and experience in safeguarding and child protection, is something I am extremely proud of. It is an honour to be involved in someone’s life; their journey. In essence, making a positive contribution.

Children and young people, and their families/carers, have a right to be safe, healthy, thrive and develop, and be happy. Therefore, advocation is essential, in order to achieve life chances, opportunities, and positive outcomes.

As an experienced professional in front line practice and management, I specialise in multiple child protection areas. This includes, child exploitation, child sexual abuse, the youth criminal justice system, domestic abuse and violence, trauma, youth mental health, and much more.

Further experience includes involvement in independent and large scale, high profile police investigations and Court proceedings. Resultantly, children who were victims of multiple harm, or criminal perpetrators, and some coupled as both victim and perpetrator.

Helping to create change, and helping to improve the lives of others, is a huge, sometimes challenging, yet rewarding undertaking. To this end, and without reservation, starting my own training and consultancy business Shield, is now my way of safeguarding and protecting children and young people.

My passion often exudes in the work I do, and going the extra mile is sometimes necessary; we all do it, and we do it because we care.

In summary, it is Shield’s firm belief that children and young people’s voices should be heard, appropriate action must be taken, and we must challenge where necessary.

Shield connects with other professionals, to share knowledge, learn from practice experience, and to help aid positive outcomes for children and young people, and their families/carers.

Safeguarding-Child Protection Training-Consultation-Advice

Safeguarding-Child Protection Training-Consultation-Advice


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